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Northern Illinois University diploma
Northern Illinois University diploma

NIU diploma professional maker. Buy Northern Illinois University fake diploma, order NIU fake degree, by NIU transcript online. Northern Illinois University (NIU) is a public school in DeKalb, Illinois, founded by Illinois Governor John F. It was founded by Peter Altgeld on May 22, 1895. Northern Illinois University is a four-year public university with a century-old history, founded in 1895. Business, engineering and science are the best majors. U.S. News and World Report rated it as a Level 4 national university.

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Buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy transcripts. Northern Illinois University is located in DeKalb, Illinois. It has a temperate climate and is ideal for year-round tourism. It is one hour’s drive from Chicago, Illinois’ largest city. The city of DeKalb is an important university town, a city with a rich and varied history, but at the same time full of life and vitality, historic monuments and modern buildings to blend with each other, full of harmony. The campus of Northern Illinois University stretches into the heart of the city, a tranquil city known for its friendly residents, high quality of life, and relatively low cost of living. It has always welcomed foreign students.
The University has seven schools: the School of Arts, the School of Education, and the School of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, offering more than 200 undergraduate degree programs and 30 taught graduate programs. All departments offer master’s or doctoral research programs. The quality of the courses is strictly controlled, and in the 1996 research, evaluation, 30 departments received 5*, 5 excellent results. Its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is one of the few in the world recognized by the World Council for Professional Accreditation of MBA. Undergraduate taught courses (Arts, Social Sciences, Agriculture, etc.) Laboratory taught courses (Engineering, Computer Science, architecture, etc.) Postgraduate teaching (mathematics, statistics, fine arts, engineering, agriculture, architecture, science, etc.); MBA (Master of Business Administration)