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Irvine Valley College diploma
Irvine Valley College diploma

Buy quality IVC fake diploma. Buy Irvine Valley fake diploma, order Irvine Valley College fake degree online, purchase copies of IVC transcripts. Founded in 1979, Irvine Valley College (IVC) is the only community college in Irvine. The college offers more than 60 associate degree programs and more than 50 vocational and technical programs in the arts, humanities, life sciences, mathematics, languages, computers, engineering, physics, and behavioral sciences. The College is part of the South Orange County Community College District, Students can choose classes at Saddleback College and Advanced Technology & Education Park, two other schools in the district.

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Buy fake IVC  diploma, buy cheap IVC degree, buy copies of transcripts. Irvine Valley Community College has the highest rate of students successfully transferring to four-year colleges in Orange County, The College and seven UC campuses (UC Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz have signed a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), which allows students to transfer to one of the seven universities for their junior year as long as their courses and GPA meet the required requirements. For CAL State, the College has 22 Associates in Art for Transfer/Associate in Science for Transfer degree programs, which guarantee that students who meet the standards will be admitted to CAL State after two years to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Located on a sunny 100-acre campus, Irvine College is a two-year community college offering degree and certificate programs ranging from the traditional liberal arts and sciences to the most advanced technology. At Irvine, students meet the requirements of the California State University system for a generalist education. Those who successfully complete advanced English courses can attend any of the five local community colleges or universities. It’s about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. With an enrollment of 13,000 students and 350 international students from 46 countries, the school has the highest annual transfer rate in Orange County and the seventh highest in California.